Oh. My. God. One of the best-written pleadings I’ve ever had the pleasure to read — limpid, brisk, devastating. Lawyers and aspiring lawyers, and all who love argument well crafted, read on.

For those of you just wanting the highlights reel, you’ll miss the flow of the argument, the best part — but here are some gems. Withdrawing the Flynn case was “a corrupt, politically motivated favor for the President’s friend and ally.“

“[T]he only coherent explanation for the Government’s exceedingly irregular motion — as well as its demonstrable pretexts — is that the Justice Department has yielded to a pressure campaign led by the President for his political associate.”

“[T]he Justice Department seeks to mislead the Court and the public about its reasons for dismissing criminal charges, and … clear evidence indicates that corrupt motives have undermined the Justice Department’s proper role,” so as to run “what is plainly a corrupt political errand for the President.”

Boom. But better in the long form.

U.S. Senator from Rhode Island, the Ocean State.