Dark Money and Climate Denial

Here’s a great graphic by Brown University scientist Bob Brulle showing the $8.2 BILLION in anonymous money going into climate denial and obstruction. Gee, I wonder who that could be.

My Captured Court riff in the Amy Coney Barrett hearing revealed hidden money going in to Supreme Court briefs from Bradley Foundation and Donors Trust. Gee, look who shows up here in the graphic. (And Big Oil just won its Supreme Court case.)

And not to be too on the nose, but there’s the Exxon foundation. Well, well, well.

Creepy Heritage Action is there, too, which Mother Jones just outed claiming credit for Republican voter suppression bills popping up like mushrooms in state legislators. (I suggested ALEC helped — and look who’s here too!)

This is what that $8.2B machine accomplished, paying Republicans for a lost decade on climate, thanks to the corrupt and corrupting fossil fuel industry. (5 Republican Justices gave the tools with Citizens United plus refusal to enforce transparency.)

When will Biden folks take an interest in this? Captured courts, climate obstruction, voter suppression — these are kinda the things we care about. And this massive dark-money covert op is out to defeat the American people on ALL of them.

U.S. Senator from Rhode Island, the Ocean State.