Heritage Action’s Executive Director Confesses to Dark-Money Scam in Leaked Video

The executive director for Heritage Action speaking privately to top donors about voter suppression bills.

Leonard Leo operated the dark-money court capture operation from his Federalist Society perch. It was a $250 million dark-money operation.

Down the hall (literally) was the Judicial Crisis Network, which took anonymous $15–17 million donations to fund campaign ads for the Supreme Court nominees the FedSoc-hosted operation selected.

When WaPo outed Leo and Trump polling tanked, Leo jumped ship to “Honest Elections Project” to move from court capture (which needs a Republican president) to voter suppression (to make good use of those judges).

“Honest Elections Project” turns out to be corporate alias for Judicial Education Project, which is the sister organization to — wait for it — Judicial Crisis Network. Small world.

The dark-money court capture operation has swiveled to become a dark-money voter suppression operation as forces behind it try to reshape the electorate to one that will elect Republicans. Whom they control with dark money.

The Heritage dark-money operation video pretty much confesses to the scam, and shows dark money behind the “quiet” operation of “sentinels” and interests “writing the laws” for Republicans to implement.

Look for dark-money-funded “American Legislative Exchange Council” (ALEC) and “State Policy Network” in that scheme. Dark money is the common element.

And the dark-money operation is now in front of The Court Dark Money Built asking for a constitutional right to dark money. Watch that space.

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