Shutting the Door on Dark Money

It’s time to clean up the swamp.

I just released a new video showing how special interest donors spend huge amounts of anonymous “dark” money to rig our government in their favor. That dark-money spending has drowned our democracy in a “tsunami of slime,” and taken power out of the hands of regular people. It’s a massive problem. Watch the video to see why.

It all started with the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United. After that ruling, a deluge of untraceable dark money helped corporations and far-right donors push political objectives that are too unpopular to survive on their own merits. Donors bankroll television ads, run social media campaigns, and influence judicial selection, all without revealing who they are and what they want. We’ve seen it from mega-donors like the Kochs and DeVos family, and from rotten corporate interests like Big Tobacco and polluting industries.

Democrats have fought to end dark money. Since 2012, I’ve led the fight to pass the DISCLOSE Act, to close dark money loopholes and reveal the identities of donors who give $10,000 or more.

The bill is an important part of the For the People Act, strengthen American democracy against a wide array of threats. That bill will be up for a vote in the Senate later this month.

Dark money is a rot in our system, no matter who’s spending it. It’s time to pass the #ForthePeopleAct and rid ourselves of dark money — once and for all.

U.S. Senator from Rhode Island, the Ocean State.